Street/Road Bike Services

Road bikes and TT bikes are designed for speed and efficiency and there is generally extra performance hidden within the bikes stock parts and components.
With specific knowledge on how to maximize your bikes performance, whether in it's current form or by using the best upgrade parts currently available, Black Peak Cycles can make riding your road bike, a whole new experience.
Having a bike custom built, where you get to choose the frame, the groupset, wheels and controls, is the ultimate way to reflect your passion for your sport and to get the bike of your dreams. Custom building is a specialty of Black Peak Cycles, leaving no details to chance.
If a custom built bike is not in your budget, then we offer complete bikes from Cube, Basso and Scott.

                                                                          Bike to rider fitting
Custom bike-to-rider fitting is also a specialty. Something we have been doing for many years. If you want to get the most out of yourself and your bike, being custom fitted to it is very important. It increases comfort and performance and can minimize injury.

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